We are able to function because of the selflessness of people, who serve God diligently

Prayer and Counselling

This department is the powerhouse of the church. Issues affecting the Church, Community and the Nation are brought before the Merciful God the Father through God the Son with the help of God the Spirit.


This department is passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and songs. It comprises the choir and the instrumentalists. They lead the congregation in praise and worship which is a spiritually enriching experience.

Sunday School

The Sunday school is the most vital arm of classroom Bible teaching for the church. Meeting times are Sunday mornings, and aims to instruct in the truths of the Word of God.


This is an important part of the church. It can be taken as the lifeline of the church. The department aims to spread the good news to the community and to witness to those who are lost.

Children and Teens

Our Children and Teens Ministry we believe that in order to raise Godly and faithful children, they need to be exposed to the love and unwavering commitment of God from the moment they can talk.


The Media department is an integral part of any church and plays a vital role in ensuring the dissemination of information in various forms to further the vision and Mission of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.